An Estimate of how much you will spend in raising 100 Pullets

Guidelines for The First 7 Days of Brooding Day-Old Chicks

Thou this depends on so many factors which are mainly forces. However, to raise Day Old Chicks to the Point of Lay, one is likely to have spent between N750 and N800 per bird. You are likely to spend about 60%-70% of this amount on their feeds. Therefore be prepared to feed them well.

Most times, poultry farmers ask if it is compulsory to have all the money ready before embarking on poultry farming. Well I will not like to use the word “compulsory” but I will however advise that one should have at least of the money before they are needed.

Starving birds could be disastrous; I have seen layers starved for 2 days that refused laying for 2weeks. You must have either all the money ready or be every sure of where to get it when the need arises.

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