Amazing Reasons why we must use Rabbit Poo (Manure) for our Soil and Crops

Amazing Reasons why we must use Rabbit Poo (Manure) for our Soil and Crops

Today we will be discussing on the effects of the different macro nutrients found on the Rabbit poo to the soil and our crops.

1)  Nitrogen(N): Rabbit manure is higher in nitrogen than sheep, goat, pig, chicken, cow or horse manure. Plants need nitrogen to produce a lush green growth. Nitrogen helps plants grow greener and stronger helping the plant reach its full potential.

This is great for all those quick growing salad greens! Great for the early growth of tomatoes, corn, and many other vegetables.

2) Phosphorus(P): Rabbit manure is also higher in phosphorus than the other manures. It helps with the transformation of solar energy to chemical energy. Which in turn helps with proper plant growth.

Phosphorus also helps plants to withstand stress. Phosphorus in the soil encourages more and bigger blossoms helping with flowering and fruiting also great for root growth.

3) Potassium(K): Potassium helps with fruit quality and reduction of disease plants will not grow without it. Plants use potassium as an enzyme to produce proteins and sugars. They also use potassium to control water content.

More than just the awesome NPK values of rabbit manure it is loaded with a host of micro-nutrients as well as organic matter that improves soil structure, drainage, and moisture retention.

Vegetable gardens, pastures, and flower gardens all will benefit from using rabbit manure. It helps retain soil moisture and soil structure.

Amazing Reasons why we must use Rabbit Poo (Manure) for our Soil and Crops

Rabbit manure is one of the few fertilizers that will not burn your plants when added directly to the garden and can be safely used on food plants.

Rabbit manure at first glance many seem to be less powerful than commercial fertilizers but in reality, they are better and healthier for your garden providing food and nourishment for your plants as well as earthworms and other beneficial animals and microorganisms in your soil.

So why use chemical additives that are known to kill all soil life?

Some manures have to be aged so they do not harm your garden, Rabbit Berries can be used fresh as it is. This is also a very organic way to add nutrients back to you soil since Rabbit are herbivorous so it’s like a payback for the plant they consumed.

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