Advantages of Snail Farming

  • Snail shells serves as calcium used for animal feeds
  • Snail farming require little land or area
  • Snail feeds are cheap and readily available
  • Snail farming in Nigeria for instance is not capital intensive
  • Snail farming is very easy to run
  • Snail doesn’t require too much attention like other agricultural practices, making it easy to run as a part time business
  • Snail farming requires little or no man power or labor
  • Snail farming doesn’t constitute nuisance to the environment which is usually the case for other livestock farming in terms of noise and animal waste
  • Snails produce quick growth because snails are highly productive as they can produce over 300 eggs at once.
  • Snail meat is rich in protein compared to its low level of cholesterol and fat
  • Snail farming can easily be combined or incorporated with other farming practices.
  • Snails are basically harmless creatures
  • Snail farming is a good source of income for the family
  • Snails have low mortality rate if the right management practices is engaged
  • Do you know that snail shells can be used as fertilizer?
  • Snails slime can be used as a remedy for anti-wrinkles, pimples and rough face. Women take note. Lol!!! Because snails slime is used as a cosmetic for those.

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