Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenhouse Technology

Greenhouse Technology is the interesting procedure of giving positive conditions to the plants. Developing plants is both a craftsmanship and science.

Despite many difficulties man has learnt how to develop plant under regular habitat. Indeed, even in extraordinary unfavorable climatic conditions where no products can develop, man has built up a strategy for developing high esteem crops which is called as Greenhouse Technology.

This strategy is utilized to shield the plants from unfriendly climatic condition to the plants, for example, frosty, wind, precipitation, exorbitant radiation, extraordinary temperature, bugs and ailment.

In Green house innovation the ecological conditions are changed utilizing green house/glass house so one can develop any plant in wherever whenever by giving reasonable natural conditions less work.

Nurseries are surrounded or expanded structures secured with straightforward or translucent material sufficiently huge to develop edits under incomplete or completely controlled natural conditions to get ideal development and profitability.

Advantages of Green House Technology:

1) 10-12% expansion in yield contingent on the sort of nursery, kind of product, natural control offices

2) Unwavering quality of harvest increments in green house development

3) Extends your developing season

4) Expanding the variety among your produce

5) Limit outside dangers to your yield

Disadvantages of Green House Technology:

1) High forthright and working costs

2) Lack of Pollination

3) Careful precautions must  be taken to eliminate any pests or diseases  to make sure your next crop won’t be affected.

4) It is conceivable to get back the venture on nursery inside a time of 3-5 years duration.

5) The achievement of greenhouse relies upon the size of the undertaking.

6) Least suggested venture with right financial suitability and long haul maintainability is around 1 to 2 years.

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