Unknown Amazing Health Benefits of Awolowo Leaf Tea

Chromolaena Odorata Tea popularly known as “Awolowo Leaf Tea” although not commonly known and enjoyed by a lot of people has its amazing unique health benefits that a whole number of people are not very much aware of. Today, we are going to be discussing about those unknown amazing health benefits of Breadfruit Tea. 1) It Decreases the Cholesterol Level For those of you who wants to decrease the cholesterol level in your body, you can drink the chromolaena odorata brewed water when your cholesterol level is increasing or when…

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Snail Food and Feeding System

The Different Types of Snail Food

 Introduction The distinction between extensive, semi-intensive and intensive snail farming systems applies not only to housing but also to feeding. In an extensive system snail feed only on vegetation planted in their pens specifically for that purpose, as in mini-paddock and free-range pens. In a semi-intensive snail farm, external feed is provided to hatchlings, juveniles and possibly to breeding snails housed in hutch boxes or trench pens. In an intensively managed snail farm, all snails, at whatever growing stage, are always provided with external feed. Snails are kept in hutch…

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God gave us a wonderful nature filled with good things we require for a good life for our health therefore utilizing them is solely dependent on us humans to identify them and make good use of them. That is why today, we will be discussing about the healing powers of one of the amazing plants that the earth is endowed with. Common name: Siam Weed, bitter bush, Christmas bush, Chromolaena, archangel.camphor grass, common floss flower, communist green.Botanical name: Chromolaena Odorata.Local name: acheampong (Ghana)Ewé Akintọla (Akintọla’s leaf)Ewé Awolọwọ (Awolọwọ’s leaf).(Yoruba) Obiara…

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Internal Parasites of Rabbits


Rabbits are vulnerable to several internal parasite infestations. These include pinworms, which mature at about 1 inch. You can see these thread-sized worms in the feces of infected bunnies.Tapeworm segments may appear in the stool or around the anus of affected rabbits.Rabbits feeding on grass or pasture may consume Fasciola hepatica, or liver flukes The protozoa coccidia often affects young rabbits. These minute creatures can’t be seen with the naked eye. Your veterinarian must confirm their presence by examining a rabbit’s feces under the microscope. Rabbit Dewormers It’s crucial to…

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Comprehensive Details about Rabbits Behavior

Rabbit Binkying: When I think of a rabbit doing a binky I often think of someone gleefully jumping into the air and clicking their heels together. While rabbits don’t actually do that Fred Astaire heel click, they do leap into the air and twist their bodies to show that they are happy or excited. Someone who doesn’t know what a binky looks like may think that their rabbit is scared and running away or that something else is wrong with them but a binky is a very normal, natural thing…

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How to make Neem Insecticide from Neem Leaves

Neem (called Dogoyaro in Nigeria) is one wonderful Gift from Nature whose use transcends several fields like: medicine & healthcare, culinary, agriculture, beauty & cosmetics, etc. The Neem Tree stays evergreen all year round. It is endemic to the Indian subcontinent, predominant in tropical and semi-tropical regions of the world. It’s a unique green treasure as every part of the tree is useful. One of its uses is as a natural insecticide/pesticide. Scientific research indicates that Neem extracts can influence nearly 300 species of insects. Thus, it has great relevance…

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