Reasons why your Chicks Grow Feathers very Fast


Some farmers believe they are just unlucky having birds that bring out feathers just too often and instead of seeing the fleshy muscles what you see is feathers. If you have taken your birds to the market to market yourself, you will understand that buyers are very selective when it comes to buying chickens. Buyers would pay #1500 in Nigerian Currency for a chicken they see full-fleshed but refuse to pay the same amount for a full feathered bird of the same age and weight. If you ask me, I…

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The Different Types of Snail Food

Seasonal and Daily Management Practices for Snail

Snails are vegetarian and will accept many types of food. All snails will avoid plants that have hairy leaves or produce toxic chemicals, like physic nut (Jathropa curcas). Young snails prefer tender leaves and shoots; they consume about twice as much feed as mature snails. As they get older, mature snails increasingly feed on detritus: fallen leaves, rotten fruit and humus. Older snails should be fed the same items as immature snails. If a change in the diet has to be made, the new food items should be introduced gradually.…

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