Pig Feeding and Feeds

The Recommended Protein Source ingredients for Pigs

Feed is a single largest item on every budget in commercial pig farming accounting for at least 65% of the total cost of producing a pig and therefore correct feeding in terms of quality and quantity is Paramount. If feeding is correct, pig farmer’s profits and income will definitely become low and sometimes him in operating in deficit. A pig farmer should aim at minimizing the production costs if he or she is to maximize the profitability of this enterprise. Most farmers usually say that the concentrate feeds are very…

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Introduction to Paternal and Maternal Breed of Pigs

List of Animal Feed Raw-Materials and their Uses

In pig breeding we have what we call paternal and maternal breeds. Yorkshire and Landrace are the main maternal breeds used globally while the main paternal breeds include Duroc, Pietrain and Hampshire. During breeding, Landrace (LL) is crossed with Yorkshire (YY) to produce First Generation (F1) gilts (LY) that are sold as parent stock to pork producers in order to produce market pigs. The pork producer will need a terminal sire with both good carcass and meat quality characteristics. Usually Duroc is taken as the best choice so the market…

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