Processing and Consumption of Snail Meat

All you need to know about Archatina Marginata Breed of Snail

1.         Processing 1.1       Harvesting and storage The age and size at which snails should be collected from the snailery obviously depends on the farming objective: whether the snails are grown for personal use or for the market. Snails grown for personal use can be harvested according to the farmer’s needs; whereas customer preferences dictate the optimum size and consequently age of snails harvested for the market. Snails usually need to grow for at least one year to reach their proper size and weight. It is recommended to harvest snails by…

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Comprehensive Guide on How to Care for and Hatch Snail Eggs

Reproduction in snail is actually a very interesting process as it is very fascinating and slightly weird process. Snails are usually hermaphrodites (they can be both male and female), so to get the snail eggs, all you need is a couple of adult snails. Their mating process is rather aggressive but you should not intervene if you want it to be successful. Meanwhile depending on the species, the amount of eggs might be different. Usually, it is about 50-100 eggs, so be prepared for lots of tiny baby snails! Below,…

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