Reasons why Snail Meat is Unique

All you need to know about Archatina Marginata Breed of Snail

Snails meat popularly called “Congo meat” is consumed in many countries around the world. Meanwhile in some countries, snails are considered a delicacy for the rich because of its nutritional benefits. In Nigeria for instance, Snail is a popular meat for many Nigerians in the especially in the rural areas mostly in the rain forest belt, where it is collected from the wild. The potentials for its domestication and commercialization in the country has not been fully harnessed or exploited, although many studies and experience has shown that snails Farming…

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Amazing Benefits of Drinking Okra Water First thing in the Morning

A lot of people are not even aware that okra can be soaked and that the water is drinkable not just as a water but it also possesses unknown amazing health benefits as we are going to be discussing below on this article. Okra which is commonly known as “Lady Finger” is a very common vegetable around the world and it is a very nutritious and healthy vegetable consumed by many people around the world in different delicacies. It might even be your favorite soup when it comes to dishes…

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Eat Cleaner and Stay Healthy

Protect and Preserve your Plate with EAT CLEANER All Natural Food Wash + Wipes. Tasteless. Odorless. Convenient. Effective. Safe. Enjoy cleaner, safer, longer lasting produce with EAT CLEANER, the award winning line of fruit and veggie wash + wipes. Remove wax, pesticides and bacteria water can’t – while extending the shelf life of your food by up to 200%. Winner of the Disney iParening Award and World’s Best Technologies Gold Prize. As seen on QVC. Protect your family’s plate and prevent cross contamination with EAT CLEANER Seafood and Poultry Wash.…

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