Introduction to Materials needed for Snail Feed Formulation

Seasonal and Daily Management Practices for Snail

Before you can start formulating feed for your snails, it is required that you must understand and be able to recognize and identify those materials when you see them, which is why today, we are going to be discussing about what the essential raw materials for snail feed formulation is made up of. What is wheat offal? Its the waste product of wheat during processing, it contains the chaff and glutenous part of wheat seed Bone meal: is normal cattle bone or other bone like (goat, pig, etc.) Fish Meal:…

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Today’s Debate Topic: Which Feed do Snails Prefer: Vegetables or Formulated Feeds?

Often times when we mention snail farming as a business, many farmers assume that the only feed that snails consume is basically some vegetables. Although this was actually the major practice during the olden days, but Agriculture/Farming have gone far beyond the ancient methods because on daily basis, researches are being carried out to discover the better and most effective ways of modernizing Agriculture/Farming. In respect to snail farming, snails have been taken away from their popular method of feeding on some vegetables into compounding snail feeds which supports their…

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Comprehensive Guide on How to Start Coconut Farming in Nigeria

It is no longer a secret that Coconut farming plays a major role in the economy of some countries and about 86 countries produces coconut. But the three major producers of coconut are India, Indonesia and Philippine. The economy of India and her people depend so much on coconut farming. It is a tropical plant that can grow under any climatic condition and soil type. Coconut palm is also known as the tree of heaven because of their various uses. Everything about the tree is useful to man, it has…

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