Pecking in Poultry and How to control it

Pecking among birds is a costly and vicious habit that poultry producers cannot afford to ignore. It may occur at any age among all breeds, strains and sexes of birds.

Pecking usually occurs when the birds are stressed by a poor management practice. Once becoming stressed, one bird begins picking the feathers, comb, toes or vent of another bird.

Once an open wound or blood is visible on the bird,the vicious habit of pecking can spread rapidly through the entire flock. If you notice the problem soon after it begins, pecking can be held in check.

However,if the problem is allowed to get out of hand it can be VERY COSTLY.

Pecking will lower the bird’s value due to torn and damaged flesh, poor feathering and can result in high death losses.

Causes of pecking among birds.

Pecking is usually caused by one or more of these conditions:


This implies stocking so many number of birds within a limited space. It causes fighting over feed or other things leading to them sustaining into injuries and other birds will start pecking the wounded bird through the woud sustained.

Therefore care must be taken as a poultry not to overwrowed your poultry birds, always ensure that you provide the required/recommended space fitting for your birds to disencourage pecking.


Avoid excess heat as it causes restlessness among birds etc and makes them become agreessive which later graduates into fughrubf among eachother and when any of them then gets injured as a result, the others will start pecking the birds from there.

3. EXCESSIVE LIGHT: Excess light generates heat which will later cause the problems as explained above.


If the birds have to fight for feed and water,or if the birds are always hungry they will increase pecking.

Be sure that birds are have free access to water and feed at all times. The pecking order determines birds get to eat and when.

When you have inadequate feeder space birds at the end of the pecking order may never be allowed to eat.

5. UNBALANCED DIETS: Extremely high energy and low fibre diets cause the birds to be extra active and aggressive.

Feed lacking protein and other nutrients, particularly Methionine, will also cause the birds to pick feathers.

Make sure you feed a diet balanced appropriately for the age and types of bird you are raising.

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