EXTENSIVE SYSTEM ADVANTAGES The condition of the environment closely resembles the natural habit of snails compared to other systems. Low labour and low general management input i.e. inexpensive to maintain The farmer needs not purchase feed because it is already available in the snailery. There is no restriction on the movement of the snails. DISADVANTAGES OF EXTENSIVE SYSTEM Little control over the performance of snails It requires a lot of land compared to others of production. Record keeping is difficult. Poor disease management. The snails are exposed to predators’ attacked…

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Sources of foundation stock: Snail farmers Research Institutes. M a r k e t s Hawkers Direct from the bush SNAIL FARMERS ADVANTAGES The age of the snail could be determined. The performance of the snails are known. The snails are already used to the system of rearing (Intensive system) The snail  are  well adapted to the environment. DISADVANTAGE The price may be higher than that of snails purchased from hawkers or obtained directly from the bush. RESEARCH INSTITUTES Snails to be used as foundation stock could also be purchased…

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Sexual maturity:- Snails will start to lay eggs when they are sexually matured at 8-12 months or when their weight is between 110-125g.  Snails would continue to lay eggs both in the rainy and dry seasons under domestication. Factors that affect sexual maturity:- A g e Feeding Temperature Relative humidity. Disease condition Specie of the snail. Eggs of snails Clutch Size             4-18 Incubation period   28-32 days   MANAGEMENT PRACTICES:  Care for hatchlings or baby snails:  Care For The Growers Care For The Breeders/Adults Daily routine practices •        Check the housing…

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All you need to know about Archatina Marginata Breed of Snail

Processing of snails: Snails could be processed for eating purpose as form eight month of age Use hard objects like stone, club or iron e.t.c to break the shell or put the snail in hot water for 3-5 minutes. Remove and shake. The visceral (Intestine and kidney e.t.c ) of the snail and the foot(edible portion) will come out of the shell. Separate the edible portion (foot) from the visceral and the shell. Wash the foot with alum or lime to remove the slime. The edible portion can then be…

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General Routine Maintenance Practices of Snail

What Every Young Farmer Should Know About The 3 Types Of Snails: Achatina Marginata (AM), Achatina Achatina (AA) and Achatina Fulica (AF)

•        Discourage visitors from entering the snailery. •        Proper inspection of materials carried to the snailery must be done •        Do not use chemicals or agro-chemicals i.e. Insecticides or herbicides in the snailery. •        Adequate shade must be provided. •        Snails must be handled carefully. •        Soil must be properly moistened especially in the dry season. Fresh poultry droppings should not be added to the soil in the snailery •        Mouldy, stale or fermented feed should not be given to snails. •        The hatchlings or young ones require more humid…

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