All you need to know about Archatina Marginata Breed of Snail

Air Pollution:
•        If the management practices are not strictly followed, there could be atmospheric pollution as a result of dead snail not removed from the pen. Dead snail has very offensive odour. It is more offensive than poultry droppings odour. The offensive odour could lead to diarrhea or cholera in man if not properly checked.
Soil Pollution:
•        The soil could be polluted if the pen is not well managed. If the soil inside the pen is not removed or turned regularly the soil may be polluted as a result of excreta from the snail, mouldy feed and decayed fruits, etc. Dead snail will rapidly decay turn to liquid within 2 or 3 days after death and the effluent could pollute the soil. The rusting of iron used to build the pen could also be a source of pollution.
Water Pollution:
•        The dropping and the decayed snail (only the fleshy part of the snail can decay) could be washed into the nearby stream or rivers and could result into water pollution
Food Safety:
•        The fleshy part of the snail is slippery and if not well processed could lead to stomach disorder. Eating of snail from Endemic area, or polluted soil i.e. lead accumulated soil could be hazardous to man. Over cooking and frying could reduce the nutritional quality of the snail. Taking up of toxic materials from the soil
v)      The Shell:
•        The shell of the snail after processing if not well disposed could litter the surrounding.
       vi)     Cutting of Mulching Materials:
•        Indiscriminate cutting of leaves (Plantain, banana, cocoa) for mulching snail pen could directly or indirectly affect the productivity of the plan or lead to the death of the plant.
vii)    Inedible Part:
•        The viscerals i.e. intestine, kidney, etc. constitute the inedible part. If the visceral is not properly taken care off i.e. by burning, burying or use for other beneficial purposes, it could decay and have adverse effect or the environment.
Snail as Metal Pollution Bio-Indicator:
•        Snail could be used to detect presence of heavy metal such as:
•        Lead (Pb),
•        Cadmium
•        Copper
•        Zinc

•        Extinction: Snail farming under domestication will prevent extinction of snail from the wild.
•        Earthworm population: There is symbiotic relationship between snails and earthworm. The latter feeds on the excreta of the former while earthworm helps in turning the soil of the pen.
•        Soil fertility: The soil fertility inside the pen is improved as a result of decay leaves inside the pen. The presence of earthworm in the soil is an indication of fertile soil.

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