The following diseases are prevalent during the rainy season: Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro): A viral infection that mostly affects immatureRead More


  The purpose is to protect the birds from dogs, cats, snakes, rats and other pests and thieves and toRead More

Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human andRead More

Coccidiosis Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Coccidiosis disease affects chicks at an early age between 3 – 4weeks old or more depending on the type involved.Read More

Newcastle Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Newcastle disease has for several years been recognized as a leading cause of loss to poultry farmers, it’s deadly toRead More

Gumboro Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Gumboro Disease threatens poultry farmers mostly because it is a killer type of disease. It is an acute infectious diseaseRead More

Daily Feed Requirements for each Growth Stage of the Birds

Farmers should maintain the right feed quantities for chicken at each stage of growth as shown below: — An egg-layingRead More

Chickens Open Wide for Gelatin Bead Vaccine

Making sure all newborn chicks are vaccinated right out of the hatchery isn’t always easy. Some birds may be missedRead More

Ampicillin Resistance Began Years Before Human Use

Rise of ampicillin resistance began years before human use Likely triggered by overuse of penicillins in agriculture in the 1950sRead More

Poultry Management during Winter (Cold)

 Winter season has great effect on poultry production by lowering the temperature of surrounding. During winter when temperature goes downRead More

Steps to Combat Heat Stress in Birds

The aim of adopting measures to combat heat stress is not only to keep birds alive but also to getRead More

MANAGEMENT OF BIRDS DURING SUMMER (HEAT) – What exactly happens in heat stress, Effects of Heat on Birds, Clinical Signs or Symptoms and Post Mortem Lesions

Summer (Heat) season causes number of deleterious effects on broilers and layers which ultimately reduces profitability. Summer (Heat) stress hasRead More


The environment can be defined as the combination of external conditions which have an impact on animals and humans. PerhapsRead More

FOWL CHOLERA DISEASE– Etiology and Transmission, Clinical Findings, Lesions, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Fowl Cholera is a serious, highly contagious disease which is caused by a bacterium in a range of avian speciesRead More

AMINO ACIDS IN POULTRY NUTRITION – Types, Importance, Concept of Ideal Protein and the Principle of Limiting Amino Acids

What are Amino Acids? Amino acids are essential nutrients for both humans and animals. They are the basic blocks ofRead More

12 Poultry Eggs Fascinating Facts you must know about!!

  1.    Eggs contain the highest quality protein you can buy.     2.    Yolk color depends on the dietRead More

Why Eggs Are Good For You – The Exceptional Super Food for Your Health

First let’s start with analyzing the nutritional composition of one (1) Egg in a chart below: Nutrition Composition 1Egg Typical=Read More

Vaccination Program for Birds

Below is a guide on the lists of the vaccines and their route of administration for your birds: Vaccine TimeRead More

Fowl Pox Issues among Birds and how to prevent it

Most mistakes some poultry farmers make is trying to inject their birds themselves, always consult your consultant for a properRead More

Bird flu in the Poultry Farm and How to tackle it

Often times I smile when some intending farmers walk up to me and tell me that they would love toRead More

Poultry Management Practices: Important things to look out for among your Birds

When handling poultry birds as a farmer, you have to be very careful as your management practices goes a longRead More

Importance of Vitamins and How Often to Give them to your Birds

Vitamins help birds to regain vitality after some stressful conditions. It helps the birds to feed better and also enhancesRead More

Coccidiosis in Poultry: Signs, How Often to treat and the right Drug to Use

Coccidiosis is a major problem of birds that are being raised on a deep litter system of poultry farming thereforeRead More

Importance of Antibiotics and How Often to Administer them to your Birds

Antibiotics are targeted against particular disease conditions and are supposed to be used only when there is such disease atRead More

Worm infestation in Poultry: Signs, How Often to De-worm and the Drug to Use

Often times poultry farmers ask how they would know if their birds are suffering from worm infestation, well the signsRead More

Importance of Vaccination, How to get Vaccines and List of all Vaccines

Some farmers say that they have raised some number of birds in the past without vaccinating them and lost onlyRead More

Difference between Vaccines and Drugs and How Often to Vaccinate Birds

Vaccines are biological of which when administered produce antibodies against disease-causing organisms in the body of the animals while drugsRead More

How to Identify Poultry Sick Birds and How to Handle Curable Diseases

Well since sickness is an abnormality, immediately you begin to see abnormal changes in the birds, you start to thinkRead More

How Often to wash your Feeding Troughs and Drinkers

Washing feeding troughs and drinkers is the first duty of every poultry farmer/attendant every morning. They must be washed everyRead More

Best source of Water for Poultry Birds and Number of Drinkers Required

From whatever source you are getting your water, the basic fact is that the water must be cool, free ofRead More

The Diseases Birds can get from Feeds

The Diseases that birds can get through feeds are uncountable. This is the main reason why you must ensure goodRead More

Number of feeding troughs you need for your birds and the ideal feeding troughs according to the age

It is essential that birds are given enough feeding troughs so that all of them can have access to theRead More

How Often to Feed your Birds

It is advisable to ensure that feeds do not finish completely in the feeding troughs at all times, therefore giveRead More

How to determine the quality of your feeds

Often times farmers always want to know how they can know if a particular feed is good or not forRead More

An Estimate of how much you will spend in feeding your birds

Generally poultry feeds take about 60%-70% of the total cost of raising a bird. For instance, to raise pullets fromRead More

How long you can store your poultry feeds for your birds

Generally it is not advisable that feeds are stored for long before they are given to the birds. First, buyRead More

Layers Mash Feed Formula

Feed formulas are usually given based on the needs of your birds so before a feed formula is recommended, itRead More

Growers Mash Feed Formula

Feed formulas are usually given based on the needs of your birds so before a feed formula is recommended, itRead More

Chicks Mash Feed Formula

Feed formulas are usually given based on the needs of your birds so before a feed formula is recommended, itRead More

Already Bagged Feeds Vs Feed Formulation: Which is Cheaper? Find out

Most of the time, feeds prepared by oneself are usually costlier because it is likely to be richer. However, howRead More

How to source for Feeds for your Birds

There are basically three ways of sourcing for feeds for your birds which include: Already bagged feeds (Finished Feeds) whichRead More

When to Give Each of the Feed Types to the Birds

Broilers are raised for 8-10weeks. So give Broiler Starter Feed Mash during the first 4-5 weeks of life while youRead More

Different Types of Poultry Feeds

The feeds that birds eat depend on the type of birds you are raising. Broilers feeds are divided into twoRead More

How to Prevent the effect of Excess Cold and Excess Heat in a Poultry House

Am sure every poultry farmer will like to know how they can prevent the effect of cold during the rainyRead More

The Ideal Number of Blocks above Ground level in constructing a Poultry Pen House

Most farmers often want to know how many courses of blocks they are supposed to raise above the ground level,Read More

How to prevent Soldier Ants from invading your poultry House

Soldier ants are other pests that should not be taken for granted on a pen house as they have devouredRead More

How to prevent Rats from invading your poultry House

Rats are not friendly with birds at all, in fact they have been seen to devour thousands of chicks andRead More

A Sick Bay as part of the Poultry House

Most times poultry farmers asks if a sick bay should be part of a pen house, well a sick bayRead More

Poultry Pen Routine Maintenance: Why Foot Bath at the entrance of the Poultry pen is Necessary and How often the water and disinfectant must be changed

The foot bath is a part of the poultry pen that is carved put, where water and disinfectant is pouredRead More

Recommended Height of Deep Litter Poultry Pen and Cage Poultry Pen

The fundamental principle is that the house should be high enough to allow for proper ventilation and also prevent heat.Read More

Find out how the brooder house should be constructed

Well the brooder house should be built in a way to provide adequate warmth. The ventilation should not be tooRead More

Find out What a Brooder House is

A brooder house is the pen where the birds spend the first 3 or 4 weeks of their lives. HereRead More

Cost of Cages used in Housing Birds

Some farmers often asks if they can have an idea of the cost of cages used in housing birds, wellRead More

How much constructing a pen house will cost you

There are so many factors that are involved before determining how much a pen can cost you, the factors whichRead More

How to construct your poultry pen

The details of how the pen should be constructed cannot exactly be given in this article. However, the fundamental thingsRead More

How much space you need for your poultry farm

The needed space for the poultry farm depends on the number of birds you like to raise and other structuresRead More