Brooder Guards and It’s Uses

Brooder guards are very useful during the first few weeks of chicks in the brooder house because they help toRead More

Thermometer and it’s Uses on Poultry

The use of Thermometer is very essential for the regulation of heat for the chicks. The temperature required is measuredRead More

Management of Day Old Chicks (D.O.C) till 6th Week

Heat: Heat should be supplied to the chicks from one to six weeks old. The brooder guards should be removedRead More

How to Handle the Arrival of Day Old Chicks (D.O.C)

On arrival of “Day Old Chicks” (D.O.C) to your farms, they should be unloaded as quickly as possible, examine eachRead More

Preparing of Brooder House and Rearing of Chicks

1st Operation: Chicks will start the first part of their lives in the brooder house and at this stage, youRead More

Housing of Chicks

Prospective poultry farmers are advised to make arrangement for their housing before arrival of chicks. Considering their age “Day Old”Read More

Quail Eggs – The Super Food (34 Amazing Health Benefits)

Small in size but packed with essential minerals and vitamins Did you know? Quail eggs are more nutritious than mostRead More

Ten Commandments of Poultry Health

You should always be at alert for sign of diseases. Always get an accurate diagnosis immediately by calling on theRead More

How to Control and Prevent Disease Outbreak on your Poultry Farms

Disease control and prevention Good hygiene, sanitation and medication are important aspects of poultry keeping. To control diseases in theRead More

Poultry Feed-mill and Formulation of Rations

What is feed mill? Feed mill is a concept that deals with the science of combining different/available animals consumable rawRead More

Introduction and Establishment of a poultry feed mill production

You must make available Land space of about a plot is of utmost importance with a warehouse of about 50-70mRead More

Nutritional Deficiency and How it affects Birds

Nutritional deficiency can only occur when feed feed producers fail to ensure balanced rations for birds. In this case, mostRead More

Feeding Methods for Birds

Feed mash should be supplied to the birds twice daily. For instance: once in the morning and once in theRead More

Litter Management

Litter is a material used as bedding for poultry or to absorb their droppings such as wood shaving, Groundnut husks,Read More

All About Coccidiosis in poultry and How to tackle it

Coccidiosis is an intestinal disease that occurs when a microscopic parasitic organism (called a protozoa) attaches itself to the intestinalRead More

All About Eggs

Egg Definition: Ovum or female reproductive body of multi-cellular animals, particularly the complex structure produced by birds, reptiles and certainRead More

Poultry Terms and Meanings

Below are some of the basic poultry terms and terminologies you need to be aware of: Terminologies Meaning Chicks BothRead More

Poultry Records Keeping Books, Types and it’s Benefits

For the good managements of poultry keeping, farmers are advised to update all records books accordingly. In case of aRead More

Poultry Vaccination/Medication Program, Dosage and Position/Method of Administration

Vaccination/Medication Dosage Position/Method of Administration Newcastle Disease Vaccine Intra Ocular (I/o) 200 Dose vial to be dissolved in 10ml ofRead More

Vaccination Program for Broiler Birds

Below is the vaccination program for Broiler birds meanwhile, you must be aware that certain emergency occurrences might require suddenRead More

Vaccination Program for Pullet/Layer Birds

Below is the vaccination program for Pullet/Layer birds meanwhile, you must be aware that certain emergency occurrences might require suddenRead More

Vaccination Program for Cockerel Birds

Below is the vaccination program for cockerel birds meanwhile, you must be aware that certain emergency occurrences might require suddenRead More

Poultry internal Diseases and Post Mortem Examination

As symptoms of disease are noticed on the external part of the birds, they could also be noticed in theRead More

Pecking in Poultry and How to control it

Pecking among birds is a costly and vicious habit that poultry producers cannot afford to ignore. It may occur atRead More

Poultry External Parasites and Control Measures

Poultry parasites obtain their food from either the skin or feathers of living birds and they draw blood with theRead More

Worm infection among Poultry Birds: Types, Causes, Prevention Control and Treatment

Worms are among the larger forms of life which parasitize poultry. Various kinds of worms are normally found in birdsRead More


The following diseases are prevalent during the rainy season: Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro): A viral infection that mostly affects immatureRead More


  The purpose is to protect the birds from dogs, cats, snakes, rats and other pests and thieves and toRead More

Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human andRead More

Coccidiosis Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Coccidiosis disease affects chicks at an early age between 3 – 4weeks old or more depending on the type involved.Read More

Newcastle Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Newcastle disease has for several years been recognized as a leading cause of loss to poultry farmers, it’s deadly toRead More

Gumboro Disease, Symptoms and Prevention

Gumboro Disease threatens poultry farmers mostly because it is a killer type of disease. It is an acute infectious diseaseRead More

Daily Feed Requirements for each Growth Stage of the Birds

Farmers should maintain the right feed quantities for chicken at each stage of growth as shown below: — An egg-layingRead More

Chickens Open Wide for Gelatin Bead Vaccine

Making sure all newborn chicks are vaccinated right out of the hatchery isn’t always easy. Some birds may be missedRead More

Ampicillin Resistance Began Years Before Human Use

Rise of ampicillin resistance began years before human use Likely triggered by overuse of penicillins in agriculture in the 1950sRead More

Poultry Management during Winter (Cold)

 Winter season has great effect on poultry production by lowering the temperature of surrounding. During winter when temperature goes downRead More

Steps to Combat Heat Stress in Birds

The aim of adopting measures to combat heat stress is not only to keep birds alive but also to getRead More

MANAGEMENT OF BIRDS DURING SUMMER (HEAT) – What exactly happens in heat stress, Effects of Heat on Birds, Clinical Signs or Symptoms and Post Mortem Lesions

Summer (Heat) season causes number of deleterious effects on broilers and layers which ultimately reduces profitability. Summer (Heat) stress hasRead More


The environment can be defined as the combination of external conditions which have an impact on animals and humans. PerhapsRead More

FOWL CHOLERA DISEASE– Etiology and Transmission, Clinical Findings, Lesions, Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment

Fowl Cholera is a serious, highly contagious disease which is caused by a bacterium in a range of avian speciesRead More

AMINO ACIDS IN POULTRY NUTRITION – Types, Importance, Concept of Ideal Protein and the Principle of Limiting Amino Acids

What are Amino Acids? Amino acids are essential nutrients for both humans and animals. They are the basic blocks ofRead More

12 Poultry Eggs Fascinating Facts you must know about!!

  1.    Eggs contain the highest quality protein you can buy.     2.    Yolk color depends on the dietRead More

Why Eggs Are Good For You – The Exceptional Super Food for Your Health

First let’s start with analyzing the nutritional composition of one (1) Egg in a chart below: Nutrition Composition 1Egg Typical=Read More

Vaccination Program for Birds

Below is a guide on the lists of the vaccines and their route of administration for your birds: Vaccine TimeRead More

Fowl Pox Issues among Birds and how to prevent it

Most mistakes some poultry farmers make is trying to inject their birds themselves, always consult your consultant for a properRead More

Bird flu in the Poultry Farm and How to tackle it

Often times I smile when some intending farmers walk up to me and tell me that they would love toRead More

Poultry Management Practices: Important things to look out for among your Birds

When handling poultry birds as a farmer, you have to be very careful as your management practices goes a longRead More

Importance of Vitamins and How Often to Give them to your Birds

Vitamins help birds to regain vitality after some stressful conditions. It helps the birds to feed better and also enhancesRead More

Coccidiosis in Poultry: Signs, How Often to treat and the right Drug to Use

Coccidiosis is a major problem of birds that are being raised on a deep litter system of poultry farming thereforeRead More

Importance of Antibiotics and How Often to Administer them to your Birds

Antibiotics are targeted against particular disease conditions and are supposed to be used only when there is such disease atRead More