The possible market outlet for Table Fishes

Fishes can be sold to the middle women and men that will re-sell; it can also be sold to restaurantsRead More

Introduction to Fish Farming

Fish farming is known as pisciculture in the academic world. It is a form of aquaculture involving the farming ofRead More

Sorting of Catfishes, The importance, How often it should be done and How it is done

In the course of raising fish whatever feed you give them and no matter your kind of management, fish areRead More

How to manage waste from a fish farm to avoid causing nuisance to the neighborhood

Fish farming especially on concrete pond will become a nuisance to the neighborhood when the water being released from theRead More

Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human andRead More

I have all the resources to do fish farming and I am highly interested, but marketing and them when they reach maturity is my fear. How do I solve this? Find out

I am happy that you are interested and you have the necessary resource then marketing is not a problem atRead More

Must I have all the cash needed for fish farming ready before starting it? Find out

Generally, it is advisable that you have enough money to give adequate care to your livestock before embarking on raisingRead More

Can you give me an estimate of how much I will spend in raising 1,000 fish? Find out

The estimate of how much you will spend on 1,000 fish depends on so many factors. These include the typeRead More

I want to buy a swampy area mainly for fish farming. What will you advise that I consider before buying it? Find out

It is not all swampy area that will support fish farming during dry season. Some are swampy only in rainyRead More

I know a place where many earthen ponds have been dug with the aim of renting it to it advisable for me to rent one? Find out

According to your question, it means many of you will have ponds on the same parcel of land. Well, asRead More

How do I prevent cannibalism in my fish pond? Find out

To prevent cannibalism, avoid overcrowding, put the right number of fishes in the size of pond. Do proper feeding andRead More

I learnt fish do feed on one another. What could be the cause be the cause of this? Find out

Major causes of fish feeding on one another include: overcrowding underfeeding and putting fish of different size together, If yourRead More

I have been feeding my fish for the past four months but they never developed, what do you think is responsible for this?

Many things could be responsible, it could be that you are not feeding them properly, the quality of the feedRead More

How do I know if am buying the best breed of fish? Find out

In determining the best breed of fish, the source you are getting the fish from is very important. To getRead More

Find out how long it takes fingerlings to reach Table Size

The time it will take fingerlings to reach table size depends on your feeding, housing and every other management proceduresRead More

How many fingerlings/juveniles can you start your fish farm with? Find out

This depends largely on how much you can afford and all that is in place for proper management. You mustRead More

As a beginner, would you advise me to start raising my fish from fingerlings or juveniles stage? Find out the answer

In fact, I love the choice of your words. Using “a beginner” has made the answer to the question veryRead More

Which is more lucrative: Production of Fingerlings/Juveniles or Raising them to Table size? Find out

The answer to this question is more of your interest rather than what each entails. Sincerely speaking both has itsRead More

Can you raise Catfish (Clarias) and Tilapia in the same pond at the same time? Find out the answer

There is nothing wrong in raising the two together in the same pond. However, enough information must be gathered aboutRead More

What type of fish is economical to raise? Find out

In Nigeria for instance, Catfish (Clarias) command more market price than others that could be raised because it is consumedRead More

How cost effective is it for me to be pelletizing my own fish feed? Find out

It is not only cost effective to be pelletizing your own fish feed, it is also safer because then youRead More

I do feed my fish very well, yet they are not Developing. What could be wrong? Find out

Many things could be wrong. You must first check to be sure that you are giving them the right qualityRead More

I have discovered that fishes in Rivers and Dams are not usually given any feed and yet they develop well. Is feeding then necessary? Find out

Fishes in Rivers and Dams are not raised for economical reasons and so, they are usually cropped after about threeRead More

I raised bot Tilapia and Catfish together in one pond so that catfish can feed on the Tilapia. Do I need to provide them with any other feed? Find out

I want you to first know that catfish can only feed on Tilapia that are of smaller sizes than theyRead More

Do fish get diseases from feeds? Find out

There are lot of diseases that fish can get from feeds which include food poisoning (especially when decayed feeds areRead More

I introduced coppens (imported feed) to my fish after stocking and for the first 4 days, they refused eating it. What could have happened and what do I do? Find out

A similar experience had occurred when some tadpoles had grown in the water before the fish were put in theRead More

When after stocking do you need to feed your fish? Find out

It is advisable that you allow your fingerlings/juveniles some rest after stocking before giving them feed. This is to preventRead More

How to control the situation whereby some fish in the pond prevent other fish from feeding well

This is a common experience in fish pond where bigger fishes do prevent the smaller ones from having access toRead More

For how long can fish be starved before they start showing negative reactions? Find out

Starving fish for a day is enough to make them start showing negative reactions. Since catfish for example do feedRead More

For how long can I store feeds before giving them to the fish?

To a large extent, and for imported feeds, the expiry date will determine this since the feeds are well packagedRead More

Is it necessary to have a point in my fish pond where I put the fish’s feed regularly?

It is necessary to have feeding points in the pond. This will help prevent feed wastage which may result fromRead More

I was told that I can dump dead animals in my pond for my fish to consume. Is it ideal?

Dumping dead animals in your fish pond is a very good way of contaminating your pond. Truly, some part ofRead More

How often is recommended to give maggots to the fishes

You can give maggots to your fish as often as you have access to it. However, make sure it doesRead More

Maggot Feeding: Can I feed my fish only on maggots?

Feeding your fish only on maggots will not give them all the necessary classes of feed, especially energy needed toRead More

How to know if your fishes are Underfed or Overfed

To know if your fishes are underfed, you need to regularly observe their weight gain. Underfed fishes will always failRead More

Compounding a Local Fish Feed VS Purchasing a Finished Fish Feed which is better? Find Out

Well I will personally advise that you prepare your own feed formula and compound it yourself rather than buying thoseRead More

The effect of giving smaller or bigger size of feeds to fish

The effect is that if the size of the feed is smaller for the fish size, it will cause feedRead More

The sizes of feeds one can give to fish at a particular age

I want to assume that your fish are juveniles. If yes, they will be around 6-8weeks of age. At thisRead More

The Quantity of feed Fishes Eat at a Time

The quantity of feed they eat at a time varies from time to time based on their age. The olderRead More

Recommended number of times to feed Catfishes daily

This depends on how busy you are if you are the one feeding them yourself. However, feeding them three timesRead More

Advantages of imported feeds over the local feeds

Imported feeds have some advantage over the local which includes: most imported feeds are floating feeds and thus do notRead More

The Feeds Catfish Eat

Fish feeds on a lot of things. However, to get the best from them especially when raised in commercial quantity,Read More

On the floor or top of the fish pond, know the best position to lay your inlet

This is generally a matter of choice and also the design of your consultant. Meanwhile being on the floor ofRead More

How the floor of a concrete fish pond should look like

The floor of the concrete fish pond must be properly filled with concrete and well cemented in such a wayRead More

The essence of giving extra support (embankment) to the fish pond

Embankment is a form of pavement made on the side of the pond. It serves to provide enough support forRead More

Ways to prevent water from pulling down the walls of your concrete fish pond

Water itself has a lot of force that can pull down the wall of a pond if adequate care isRead More

Will the use of tanker water cause any problem on your fish pond? Find out

Well this depends on the source of tanker water; if it is treated then it is likely to cause aRead More

Importance of putting a net on top of a concrete tank

Putting a net on a top of a concrete tank is necessary because it serves as a way of protectingRead More

Is Providing Shades on a concrete fish tank necessary? Find out

Often times most fish farmers ask “must I cover a concrete tank with something to provide shades on my fishRead More

How often to wash your fish concrete tanks

While fish are still in the pond, it is not advisable to drain the water completely in an attempt toRead More

Meaning of Recirculatory system in fish farming

Recirculatory system of fish housing is such that water being used in the pond is recycled. For instance rather thanRead More

The Recommended Feeding Levels, Table and Feed Measurement for Catfish at a given Water temperature of 27-28°C

These are the recommended feeding levels for Catfish fast growth; Parameters affecting levels are e.g. farming location, fish density, feedingRead More

The Recommended Feeding Levels, Table and Feed Measurement for Catfish at a given Water temperature of 25-26°C

These are the recommended feeding levels for fast growth; Parameters affecting levels are e.g. farming location, fish density, feeding frequency,Read More

The Recommended Feeding Levels, Table and Feed Measurement for Catfish at a given Water temperature of 29-30°C

These are the recommended feeding levels for Catfish fast growth; Parameters affecting levels are e.g. farming location, fish density, feedingRead More

Benefits of Constructing a Fish Pond with Tarpaulin and Woods

Let us lay more emphasis on the benefits of constructing the fish pond with tarpaulin and woods. Constructing pond withRead More

Fisheries given a solution to overharvesting

 There are fewer fish in the sea literally. Consumer demand and inadequate scientific information has led to overharvesting, reducing fishRead More