4 Ways of caring for a Fruit Tree

1) Decide how to prune: If you want the tree to produce fruiting branches low to the ground, you canRead More

How to Plant Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are surprisingly easy to grow in a backyard setting, and they yield years’ worth of beautiful spring bloomsRead More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenhouse Technology

Greenhouse Technology is the interesting procedure of giving positive conditions to the plants. Developing plants is both a craftsmanship andRead More

What is Mulching and Importance of Mulching

Mulching may be defined as the process of covering the soil surface around the plants to create congenial conditions forRead More


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GROWING TOMATOES Tomato plants are susceptible to pests and diseases so proper plant care is important. ARE TOMATOES A FRUIT OR A VEGETABLE? I’m sharingRead More


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Clean your Kidney now with Garden Egg Leaves


Tropical Plants: Definition and Importance

What does Tropical Plant mean? A tropical plant is a plant that grows naturally in a tropical climate. A tropicalRead More

7 Ways to Boost the Bloom in Your Grow Garden

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Health Benefits and Nutritional Values of Orange

Oranges are tropical fruits of the citrus species that are grown worldwide specifically here in Nigeria and other West AfricanRead More

The Recommended method of planting plantains and the right time to plant them

Suckers are planted immediately after field preparation. Plant holes are prepared with a minimum size of about 30 cm xRead More

How to prepare Plantain Suckers for Planting

Suckers are separated from their mother plant with a spade or machete. The sucker corm must not be damaged orRead More

How to select Plantain Cultivars

For field cultivation, medium plantains should be preferred to giant ones even though giant plantains produce heavier bunches. Giant plantainsRead More

The Recommended Spacing for Plantain Cultivation

The recommended spacing for planting plantain is 3m between the plantain rows and 2 m within the row (in other words.Read More

Methods of field preparation for plantain farming

When preparing your fields for your plantain farming, you must be aware of the fact that fields are to beRead More

Selecting a site for plantain farming? Things to consider

Selecting The Site There are some factors that must be considered when selecting a site for your plantain farming businessRead More

The Importance of Plantain Farming Business

Plantain is a staple crop grown throughout the tropics. In Africa, plantain and Banana are also an important source ofRead More

How to process cassava chips for Animal feed

Cassava Chip Production for Animal Feed Animal feed has always been a major limiting factor in the growth of theRead More

Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human andRead More

30 Proven Health Benefits of Okra (Lady Fingers) Vegetables

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33 Health Benefits of Sweet Potatoes

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10 Amazing Health Benefits of taking Guava fruit during Pregnancy

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10 Benefits of Red Grapes for Anti-Aging, Anti-Cancer and Beauty

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34 Amazing Benefits of Paw-Paw (Papaya) Fruit and Leaves

Christopher Colombus said that papaya is “fruit of the angels” because of its soft and tender texture. Previously it wasRead More

Health Benefits of taking Watermelon Fruits for Males and Females Fertility

Many people see watermelon as only a fruit that tastes delicious and fresh to consume, meanwhile it also proven toRead More

Health Benefits of taking Watermelon Fruit during Early Pregnancy

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Health Benefits of Eating Pawpaw (Papaya) Fruit during Pregnancy

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Health Benefits of Paw-Paw (Papaya) Leaves for Cancer and Others

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5 Health Benefits of Consuming Green Bananas

Bananas have a lot of useful content for the body, so do not be surprised if the bananas have beenRead More

8 Health Benefits of Eating Banana Before Going to Bed

Usually, we avoid eating before going to sleep because this will give a bad impact for our body, for instance:Read More

Guide on Starting a Watermelon Farm

Get Your Land Space The first step to take is to find the land you will need for the cultivationRead More

Regions where Oil Palms should be Cultivated for Maximum Profit

Oil palms are cultivated in the regions where they grow well and where there are oil mills. To enhance theRead More

Cashew’s Individual Concerns

Oxalate Content Cashews have consistently been determined to have high oxalate content. Oxalates are naturally occurring organic acids found inRead More

Nutritional Profile and Introduction to Food Rating System Chart of Cashew

Cashews are an excellent source of copper and a good source of phosphorus, magnesium, manganese and zinc. Introduction to FoodRead More

How to Select, Store and Enjoy Cashew

Cashews are generally available in prepackaged containers as well as bulk bins. Just as with any other food that youRead More

History and Description of Cashew

Description Cashew nuts are actually seeds that adhere to the bottom of the cashew apple, the fruit of the cashewRead More

Cucumber Farming Business in Nigeria – A Step by Step Guide

Cucumber is one of the most popular vegetables widely consumed by every Nigerians in East, West, North, and South andRead More

How to Cultivate Hybrid Maize in Nigeria

Maize, also known as Corn is one of the most useful cereal crop in West Africa, foods made out ofRead More

Nutritional Profile and Introduction to Food Rating System Chart of Cabbage

Cabbage is an excellent source of vitamin K, vitamin C and vitamin B6. It is also a very good sourceRead More

Methods of Preparing, Cooking and Enjoying Cabbage

Tips for Preparing Cabbage Even though the inside of cabbage is usually clean since the outer leaves protect it, youRead More

How to Select and Store Cabbage

Below are some of the basic procedures to which you can properly select and store your cabbage: Choose cabbage headsRead More

History and Description of Cabbage

Cabbage has a round shape and is composed of superimposed leaf layers. It is a member of the food familyRead More

Red Cabbage , Uses and Nutritional Value

While green cabbage is the most commonly eaten variety of cabbage, we highly recommend trying red cabbage because of itsRead More

The Fifteen Health Benefits of Sour-sop including its power to cure Diabetics

Sour-sop is a fruit of Annona muricata, a broadleaf evergreen tree, native to Mexico, Central and South America.  It isRead More

Health Benefits of Spinach

Botanical name: Spinacia oleracea Introduction Spinach which is thought to have originated in ancient Persia with the cultivation spread toRead More

How to grow Spinach – Step by Step Guide

Spinach which is easy to grow in cool climates contains nutrients such as iron, protein, vitamin A and chlorophyll. ItRead More

Different Varieties of European Eggplant and their Characteristics

Botanical name: Solanum melongena European Eggplant is a hardly species that can be grown all year round in tropical areas.Read More

Different Varieties of African Eggplant and their Characteristics

African Eggplant is sometimes called “bitter tomato”. It gives very typical fruits, generally flattened and deeply ribbed. It can beRead More

Sowing Guide for Different kind of Crops

 Every crop farmer must be aware of the specie he/she wants to cultivate, the average number of seeds, the quantityRead More

Reductions in individual plant growth sometimes boost community resilience

Tomato plants produce repellent chemicals called volatile organic compounds in response to herbivore attacks. (Stock image) Credit: © slavomir pancevacRead More

Stressed out cocoa trees could produce more flavorful chocolate

Most people agree that chocolate tastes great, but is there a way to make it taste even better? Perhaps, accordingRead More

Maize pest exploits plant defense compounds to protect itself

A new study explains why biological control of the western corn root-worm has not been efficient The western corn rootwormRead More

New Stress-Tolerant Rice Varieties Rolled Out for Africa by Rice Experts

The Africa-wide Rice Breeding Task Force, convened by the Africa Rice Center (AfricaRice), has recently nominated six varieties with improvedRead More

Health Benefits of Pounded Yam

Yams are a good source of vitamin C – 27% of the daily value for fighting infections such as coldsRead More

Vitamin E discovery in maize could lead to more nutritious crop

New research has identified genes that control vitamin E content in maize grain, a finding that could lead to improvingRead More