Foot-and-Mouth disease in Cattle: Causes and Symptoms

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a severe, highly contagious viral disease of cattle and swine. It also affects sheep, goats, deer,Read More

Piglets Management

The first few hours of the life of a piglet are very important. What you do to the piglet inRead More


The following diseases are prevalent during the rainy season: Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro): A viral infection that mostly affects immatureRead More

The possible market outlet for Table Fishes

Fishes can be sold to the middle women and men that will re-sell; it can also be sold to restaurantsRead More


  The purpose is to protect the birds from dogs, cats, snakes, rats and other pests and thieves and toRead More

11 Merits of Snail Farming Business

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Snail as a Super Food – 6 Reasons why you must eat snails

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Things to know about Snails

Snail farming in most countries for example in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative, cost effective, easy to runRead More

Advantages of Snail Farming

Snail shells serves as calcium used for animal feeds Snail farming require little land or area Snail feeds are cheapRead More

Facts about Snails and Snail Farming

Snails produce a thick slime which protect and give them the ability to crawl on sharp objects like the edgeRead More

Simple Analysis for Snail Farming using Nigeria as a Reference Country

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Benefits of Snail Farming

Below are the some of the benefits of snail farming business in Nigeria and all over the world: It isRead More

Introduction to Fish Farming

Fish farming is known as pisciculture in the academic world. It is a form of aquaculture involving the farming ofRead More

Ideas on Snail Sales and Marketing

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Ways to make more money as a Snail Farmer

Methods of Snail Processing and Packaging There is a lot of money in snail farming business, you can choose toRead More

Snail Housing and Equipment’s

Sometimes, intending snail farmers complain that they cannot start their snail farm due to lack of space or financial issuesRead More

Feeding Snails locally and How to Formulate Snail feeds

Snails basically feed on fruits like paw-paw both the ripped and the unripe pawpaw. Paw-paw provides the snails with vitaminsRead More

How to Raise Snails (Introduction to Snail Farming)

  (Achatina Achatina)                                       (Achatina Maginata)   Snail farming also known as “Heliculture” is the process of raising snails for subsistenceRead More

Sorting of Catfishes, The importance, How often it should be done and How it is done

In the course of raising fish whatever feed you give them and no matter your kind of management, fish areRead More

How to manage waste from a fish farm to avoid causing nuisance to the neighborhood

Fish farming especially on concrete pond will become a nuisance to the neighborhood when the water being released from theRead More

The Life-Span of Ruminant Animals

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Goats eating Nylon and What you should do

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How to identify poisoned ruminant animals and how to tackle it

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How to castrate Ruminant Male Animals, the Risks involved and How to tackle it at the best age

Benefits of Castration: First and foremost, let us start by discussing the benefits of castrating your male ruminant animals. ThereRead More

Reasons why some Ruminant Animals cannot deliver by themselves and How you can help them

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Female Pregnant Goat’s Regular Abortion: Causes and Control Measures

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Why some Cows could not expel their placenta after delivery and How to help them

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Reasons why a lot of Pregnant Sheep dies on the road-side and How to Control it

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Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

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Ruminant Animal Wounds, Causes, Treatments and How to control it

The causes of wounds in the body of ruminant animals are many: First, it can occur as a result ofRead More

Worm Infestation on Ruminant Animals – Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

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Best Route of Drug Administration for Ruminants

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Ways to Fatten Ruminant Animals Faster

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10 Benefits of Red Meat for Optimum Body Building

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Health Benefits Snail – Reasons why you must “Eat Snails”

Snail is a common name given to a member of the class of molluscs Gastropoda. In ancient times these snailsRead More

How to treat Ruminant Animal Diseases

The best way to go about handling those diseases that are treatable is to first of all be sure ofRead More

How to identify the particular disease affecting your Ruminant Animals

There are some signs and symptoms which we described during our previous post on Diseases Ruminant Animals get from feedsRead More

Diseases Ruminant Animals get from feeds and water and Signs to know when the Animals are Sick

It is very possible for ruminant animals to get diseases from feeds and water. In fact those are the majorRead More

How to Ascertain the Quality of the Feed and Water to be served to the Ruminant Animals

In ascertaining the quality of feed and water to be used for your animals, there are a lot of factorsRead More

Importance of Feeding and Drinking Troughs for Ruminant Animals and How regularly they should be cleaned

Often times, most ruminant farmers ask: is there any need for feeding and drinking troughs for ruminants? Well first ofRead More

Cattle Management: Salt Lick: iodized salt or compact mineralized salt lick, How often it should be used and why it is necessary

Salt lick is usually given to ruminant animals to supplement for essential minerals needed by their body. Most of theRead More

The Best Source of Water for your Ruminant Animals

Hmm, any source of water could be good for the ruminant animals provided that the water is not contaminated, thatRead More

How often your ruminant animals should be served water

In fact, I will strongly recommend that they should have access to water more than they have access to food.Read More

The effect of giving fresh cassava and its peelings to your ruminant animals

Fresh cassava contains cyanic acid (cyanide) which is poisonous to animals and can lead to their death. So, it isRead More

Importance of Balanced diets for Ruminant Animals

If you are ruminant farmer, then am sure even as you are reading this that you wondering if there areRead More

How long concentrates should be stored before feeding them to Ruminant Animals

Often times, ruminant farmers ask: for how long can the concentrates to be fed to my ruminant animals be storedRead More

I have all the resources to do fish farming and I am highly interested, but marketing and them when they reach maturity is my fear. How do I solve this? Find out

I am happy that you are interested and you have the necessary resource then marketing is not a problem atRead More

Must I have all the cash needed for fish farming ready before starting it? Find out

Generally, it is advisable that you have enough money to give adequate care to your livestock before embarking on raisingRead More

Can you give me an estimate of how much I will spend in raising 1,000 fish? Find out

The estimate of how much you will spend on 1,000 fish depends on so many factors. These include the typeRead More

I want to buy a swampy area mainly for fish farming. What will you advise that I consider before buying it? Find out

It is not all swampy area that will support fish farming during dry season. Some are swampy only in rainyRead More

I know a place where many earthen ponds have been dug with the aim of renting it to it advisable for me to rent one? Find out

According to your question, it means many of you will have ponds on the same parcel of land. Well, asRead More

How do I prevent cannibalism in my fish pond? Find out

To prevent cannibalism, avoid overcrowding, put the right number of fishes in the size of pond. Do proper feeding andRead More

I learnt fish do feed on one another. What could be the cause be the cause of this? Find out

Major causes of fish feeding on one another include: overcrowding underfeeding and putting fish of different size together, If yourRead More

I have been feeding my fish for the past four months but they never developed, what do you think is responsible for this?

Many things could be responsible, it could be that you are not feeding them properly, the quality of the feedRead More

How do I know if am buying the best breed of fish? Find out

In determining the best breed of fish, the source you are getting the fish from is very important. To getRead More

Find out how long it takes fingerlings to reach Table Size

The time it will take fingerlings to reach table size depends on your feeding, housing and every other management proceduresRead More