Propping and Harvesting of Plantains

Propping The heavy weight of the plantain bunch bends all bearing plants and can cause doubling (pseudo stem breaks), snap-offRead More

Inter-cropping of a plantain field and its Advantages

Plantain fields are arranged in rows spaced at about 3m x 2m. as the canopy closes only to about 5Read More

Recommended Weed Control Practiced / Methods for Plantain Plantations

Plantains should always be weed free, weed control starts during the field preparation and weeds are initially controlled about everyRead More

Recommended Plantain Fertilization Methods

In order to produce a heavy bunch, plantains always need some extra nutrients. These can be applied in the formRead More

Mulching of Plantains and its Advantages

Organic matter is essential for plantain cultivation if the field is to be very productive for a long time. ARead More

How to identify and Treat Diseases on your fish Farm

It is possible for your fish not to have any disease. However, this is only possible if you take everyRead More

The plant as a clock – Do you know that Plants can tell the time using sugars?

The plant as a clock (Credit: Cleverson Matiolli) A new study by an international team of scientists, including the UniversityRead More

Foot-and-Mouth disease in Cattle: Causes and Symptoms

Foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) is a severe, highly contagious viral disease of cattle and swine. It also affects sheep, goats, deer,Read More

Piglets Management

The first few hours of the life of a piglet are very important. What you do to the piglet inRead More


The following diseases are prevalent during the rainy season: Infectious Bursal Disease (Gumboro): A viral infection that mostly affects immatureRead More

The possible market outlet for Table Fishes

Fishes can be sold to the middle women and men that will re-sell; it can also be sold to restaurantsRead More


  The purpose is to protect the birds from dogs, cats, snakes, rats and other pests and thieves and toRead More

4 Ways of caring for a Fruit Tree

1) Decide how to prune: If you want the tree to produce fruiting branches low to the ground, you canRead More

11 Merits of Snail Farming Business

One of the personal Entrepreneur characteristic (PEC) that makes a big difference between a successful entrepreneur and an unsuccessful oneRead More

How to Plant Fruit Trees

Fruit trees are surprisingly easy to grow in a backyard setting, and they yield years’ worth of beautiful spring bloomsRead More

Advantages and Disadvantages of Greenhouse Technology

Greenhouse Technology is the interesting procedure of giving positive conditions to the plants. Developing plants is both a craftsmanship andRead More

What is Mulching and Importance of Mulching

Mulching may be defined as the process of covering the soil surface around the plants to create congenial conditions forRead More


GROWING BELL PEPPERS Peppers are a tender, warm-season crop. Here’s how to grow peppers in your garden! Peppers resist most garden pests and offerRead More


GROWING TOMATOES Tomato plants are susceptible to pests and diseases so proper plant care is important. ARE TOMATOES A FRUIT OR A VEGETABLE? I’m sharingRead More


VEGETABLE GARDENING FOR BEGINNERS Whether you’re a 0beginner with a single pot or an old hand planting an entire plot, ThisRead More

Clean your Kidney now with Garden Egg Leaves


Tropical Plants: Definition and Importance

What does Tropical Plant mean? A tropical plant is a plant that grows naturally in a tropical climate. A tropicalRead More

7 Ways to Boost the Bloom in Your Grow Garden

Takeaway: One of the most satisfying moments for any grower is nurturing flowering crops into producing abundant, vigorous blossoms, which thenRead More

Health Benefits and Nutritional Values of Orange

Oranges are tropical fruits of the citrus species that are grown worldwide specifically here in Nigeria and other West AfricanRead More

The Recommended method of planting plantains and the right time to plant them

Suckers are planted immediately after field preparation. Plant holes are prepared with a minimum size of about 30 cm xRead More

How to prepare Plantain Suckers for Planting

Suckers are separated from their mother plant with a spade or machete. The sucker corm must not be damaged orRead More

How to select Plantain Cultivars

For field cultivation, medium plantains should be preferred to giant ones even though giant plantains produce heavier bunches. Giant plantainsRead More

The Recommended Spacing for Plantain Cultivation

The recommended spacing for planting plantain is 3m between the plantain rows and 2 m within the row (in other words.Read More

Methods of field preparation for plantain farming

When preparing your fields for your plantain farming, you must be aware of the fact that fields are to beRead More

Selecting a site for plantain farming? Things to consider

Selecting The Site There are some factors that must be considered when selecting a site for your plantain farming businessRead More

The Importance of Plantain Farming Business

Plantain is a staple crop grown throughout the tropics. In Africa, plantain and Banana are also an important source ofRead More

Snail as a Super Food – 6 Reasons why you must eat snails

Below are some of the reasons why snail meat is considered a super food and why it is advisable thatRead More

Things to know about Snails

Snail farming in most countries for example in Nigeria is one of the most lucrative, cost effective, easy to runRead More

Advantages of Snail Farming

Snail shells serves as calcium used for animal feeds Snail farming require little land or area Snail feeds are cheapRead More

Facts about Snails and Snail Farming

Snails produce a thick slime which protect and give them the ability to crawl on sharp objects like the edgeRead More

Simple Analysis for Snail Farming using Nigeria as a Reference Country

Am very sure a lot of us may want to know and analyze how profitable snail farming business is beforeRead More

Benefits of Snail Farming

Below are the some of the benefits of snail farming business in Nigeria and all over the world: It isRead More

Introduction to Fish Farming

Fish farming is known as pisciculture in the academic world. It is a form of aquaculture involving the farming ofRead More

How to process cassava chips for Animal feed

Cassava Chip Production for Animal Feed Animal feed has always been a major limiting factor in the growth of theRead More

Ideas on Snail Sales and Marketing

If you are considering using marketing and sales as an excuse for not venturing into snail farming, I bet withRead More

Ways to make more money as a Snail Farmer

Methods of Snail Processing and Packaging There is a lot of money in snail farming business, you can choose toRead More

Snail Housing and Equipment’s

Sometimes, intending snail farmers complain that they cannot start their snail farm due to lack of space or financial issuesRead More

Feeding Snails locally and How to Formulate Snail feeds

Snails basically feed on fruits like paw-paw both the ripped and the unripe pawpaw. Paw-paw provides the snails with vitaminsRead More

How to Raise Snails (Introduction to Snail Farming)

  (Achatina Achatina)                                       (Achatina Maginata)   Snail farming also known as “Heliculture” is the process of raising snails for subsistenceRead More

Sorting of Catfishes, The importance, How often it should be done and How it is done

In the course of raising fish whatever feed you give them and no matter your kind of management, fish areRead More

How to manage waste from a fish farm to avoid causing nuisance to the neighborhood

Fish farming especially on concrete pond will become a nuisance to the neighborhood when the water being released from theRead More

Begonia Flowers – All you need to know

Begonia Flowers are known for their attractive blooms, the Begonia is a timeless favorite among gardeners. it consists of moreRead More

Barberry (Berberis vulgaris) – Importance and Health Benefits

Barberry is a berberine-containing plant that is used to fight infections due to its antibacterial, antifungal and antiprotozoal properties. BarberryRead More

The Life-Span of Ruminant Animals

This implies how long ruminant animals can live before they die naturally. Well, being food animals, it is difficult toRead More

Goats eating Nylon and What you should do

Of recent I got a question from a ruminant farmer that says “I discovered that my Goat ate a lotRead More

How to identify poisoned ruminant animals and how to tackle it

There are many signs that may show that an animal is poisoned. These signs depend on the type of poisonRead More

How to castrate Ruminant Male Animals, the Risks involved and How to tackle it at the best age

Benefits of Castration: First and foremost, let us start by discussing the benefits of castrating your male ruminant animals. ThereRead More

Reasons why some Ruminant Animals cannot deliver by themselves and How you can help them

Most of the time when this occurs, it is either that the foetus is too being to pass through theRead More

Female Pregnant Goat’s Regular Abortion: Causes and Control Measures

When you are faced with a challenge like this one or you come across someone who faces this type ofRead More

Why some Cows could not expel their placenta after delivery and How to help them

This condition is common with some cows. In fact, I have seen a cow that has to be helped toRead More

Reasons why a lot of Pregnant Sheep dies on the road-side and How to Control it

There are lots of things that may be responsible for this regular issue of people complaining that they do seeRead More

Reasons why “Super Gro” remains the Best among All

Super Gro is a product of NEOLIFE, a company that specializes in natural and nutritional health products for human andRead More

Ruminant Animal Wounds, Causes, Treatments and How to control it

The causes of wounds in the body of ruminant animals are many: First, it can occur as a result ofRead More